This ministry started 25th September 2005 after receiving confirmation from God to start His kingdom work in Kimberley. God had just delivered, as confirmation, a sangoma woman known in Kimberley through a vision he gave me early hours of Saturday. We had our first home cell meetings at that woman’s place and went on to have our first service under a tree at the house I was staying at.

The name Sanctuary came through a divine revelation through the same house that I was staying in. This house was previously a siege camp for soldiers during the Anglo Boer War. God told me, “I want you to build me a place in the lives of people as a sanctuary, that people can through His word be able to offer themselves unto Him as living sacrifices.” He said, “I will use you to rebuild the broken walls of people’s lives through the Word of God.” That is in Isaiah 58:12

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I remember the first leadership meeting that we held, we were only four. God told me to tell them that if what we are doing is of mans origin then it will fail, but if it is from God it will stand according to Acts 5:39.

We have continued by the Grace of God and have seen miracles and lives restored, and we have seen souls come to the Lord in numbers, and God literally restoring families. And this has been the highlight of my commitment to this call.

Truly Ebenizer, He has been with us and He will continue to be with us and we will serve Him and continue to love Him.- by Pastor Mohau